Sunday, September 15, 2013

Vegas sept 2013 Day 3: Gordon Ramsay Steak @Paris Hotel

The GR Steak experience began before we even entered the restaurant with an architecturally unique entrance built as a tribute to the "Chunnel," the underwater tunnel connecting the UK to France.

Décor is dominated by a huge Union Jack on the ceiling, overlayed by a light sculpture inspired by Ramsay’s hand movements when he cooks.

They've reused the same symbol on their menu, 
 lindo que detalle del techo se repita en el arte del menú

In addition to both menus, we were presented with an iPad on which we perused wine, beer and cocktails and info about the restaurant. 

The waiter came to our table with a display of steaks. All of the steaks were real, and displayed to show texture, and marbling.

For the complimentary bread, we actually got a selection of four different types. On the letf, we had a Lemon Thyme Foccacia bread. Next to them were two bread rolls. One is a Truffle, Mushroom and Pancetta Roll, and on top of it, there is a slightly sweet roll that seemed to have a hint of Chocolate to it. And then the baguette we had was infused with flavours from walnuts. And to the far right, there is a creamy butter, called English Devonshire, with a neatly placed line of Volcanic Sea Salt.

Ok, this is the best Caesar Salad ever, (tossed in anchovy dressing with a soft-cooked Scotch egg on top)  just yummi

My main dish of course, was Fisherman’s Grill: maine lobster, mussels, scallop, seasonal fish vadouvan and  curry aioli. 

The side dishes: 
Potato Puree (yukon gold potato, crème fraîche)  Spinach (gratinéed with parmesan cream) and 
fingerling potatoes with Parmesan and truffle..

My friends and my husband  ordered the The Roasted Beef Wellington was served with glazed root vegetables, potato puree, and red wine demi glace.  This was no ordinary Beef Wellington.  It was split into two plates and it tasted wonderful!  

Bone-in Rib Eye

British Ale Onion Soup
For dessert, we had: 

Accompaniment to coffee

Apple Tart

Chocolate layers

Our dinner was relaxing and more than pleasant.  Not once did we feel pressured to order one way or another.  Each member of the staff we interacted with was professional and genuinely friendly.  They made us feel welcome when we arrived and thanked us for visiting when we left. BUT  We expected so much more from this restaurant. I guess we imagined a tightly run kitchen putting our perfection with each plate served amongst the backdrop of a unique restaurant. What we experienced was much less.

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