Monday, August 13, 2012

About Shoes

Dolce&Gabbana Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

Guys please read THE Golden Rules:

1. Women always check out a guy's shoes!
For many girls, a bad, dirty and discounting pair of shoes can spoil a guy's entire outfit. So like it or not, you're going to have to a) own more than one kind of shoe, -jajaja yeah I know expensive but trust me- and b), match your shoes to your entire outfit. Fortunately, matching your shoes to your outfit is easy. Follow these simple rules:
* For casual wear, go with loafers or skater sneakers
* For clubbing, stick to loafers or dress shoes
* For a formal occasion, wear dress shoes
* For shorts, wear sandals or flip flops (only if u have great legs please wear shorts LOL)

2. NEVER wear socks with sandals
Nerd!! Sure, it's nice to give those feet a little extra warmth, but let me tell you: there is very few things women hate more than this footwear choice, especially if your sock choice is a pair of blinding-white tube socks! Ask any woman in the world - to them, wearing socks with sandals is an extremely heinous act. EEWWW

3. Running shoes are for the gym ONLY
As a kid you wore the same pair of running shoes for just about everything. As an adult, that just doesn't cut it anymore. Sometimes you can pull off stylish basketball shoes and jeans, but to be on the safe side keep any athletic shoes you own for the gym only (besides skater sneakers.)

4. White socks are only worn during athletic activities
If you're wearing very small socks that do not show outside of your shoes, then it doesn't matter what color they are. (Even they are pink.) However, most male socks DO show above the shoes, so listen up! Gleaming, bright-white socks, worn beneath jet-black dress shoes - do you see a problem here??? For some reason the white athletic sock seems to be firmly entrenched in North America, but it's time for it to be banished to the locker room! You want your socks to complement your shoes and pants - not stand out on their own! Also, you'll want to keep your sock-length on the shorter side, unless you're a 1970's NBA basketball player, and by the way it’s 2012 One last thing... again, never, EVER, wear white socks with dress shoes. PLEASE

By the way my friend  has great sense of style 

 You´re welcome girls.


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